How to Check Electricity Bill in Pakistan

How to Check Electricity Bill in Pakistan

In this era of Science and technology there is nothing impossible to preform. In Pakistan, How to check Electricity Bill in Pakistan is the most frequently asked question from the People. So in this respect we are here to give all the detail information by this Article through which you can easily maintain your Meter reading.

As we all know that the process of meter reading in Pakistan is operated by the humans so in order to keep protection from any kind of puzzle and difficulty it is important for you to keep checking of your meter reading Daily. You can easily Check your meter readings daily and can maintain the electricity bill fully before its arrival in page form on your doorstep. On the others monitoring of meter readings daily also helps you a lot in saving and maintaining your electricity Consumption.

How to Check Electricity Bill in Pakistan:

If you are a citizen of Pakistan and want To check your electric bill, you must have some info about the energy consumption of every domestic appliance and every electronic device in your home. In a normal and typical house it is very quick and easy to check the Electricity consumption by monitoring the proper reading of your meter.

By having all such Info In the future, you may also be able to determine and measuring the exact cost of all the running electronic Devices or appliances in your house such as the dishwasher, TV, washing machine and all such appliances.

Modern Technology:

Although in this era of Science we are moving towards such an incredible technology, in which you can easily check the cost of each running domestic machine in your house and check your Bill very easily and in very effective way. By having all such info you will be able to answer How to check Electricity Bill in Pakistan.

Check your Bill from Meter Reading :

If you want to Check your electricity bills in Pakistan, you have need to know the price of One Unit, in Pakistan at Domestic level as well as at the Commercial level. Here you will also get to see the price of the unit. The rates of electricity units in Pakistan can be vary and can decrease or increase at different level depending on the Generating cost of electricity. The price of electricity units in Pakistan must increases with the increase in the consumption power of electricity.

To understand this, How to Check Electricity Bill in Pakistan you must have to read this unit’s prices table. After that, you will be able to understand fully that the unit cost will be different for less or more unit power consumption of Electricity.

Unit Price In Pakistan:

No. Units Unit & Price (Per KWH)

*** Up to 50 Units (lifeline) Rs. 7

*** 51-100 Units (Lifeline) Rs. 11.68

*** 0- 100 Units Rs. 15.75

*** 101-200 Units Rs. 18.07

How to Check Electricity Bill in Pakistan

Price of Unit For Unprotected Customers:

No. Number Of Units Price Per Unit (KWh)

^^ 1-100 Rs. 22

^^ 101-200 Rs. 32

^^ 201-300 Rs. 37

^^ 301-400 Rs. 43

^^ 401-500 Rs. 47

^^ 501-600 Rs. 49

^^ 601-700 Rs. 52

^^ Above 700 Rs. 65

By getting all the above Knowledge you will be able to check your Bill by your Own very easily and very Quickly in order to protect from any type of Problem and Hassle. This is the information that is updated time to time so keep visiting the Official website of NEPRA.

How to Check Electricity Bill from Meter Reading:

If you want to check the Bill from the meter reading then this is also very easy and quick way to check the bill. All the Knowledge is given above which you have to read and follow. By this content you will be very easily calculate and check your Bill with your Own hand. You must have to take compare of the reading from your last month’s bill, then you have to proper subtract it from the current reading to get the details about the Usage of Electricity in comparison of last month.

The result of this problem will be equal to the amount of power or energy that you have consumed in this month. After this you have to multiply this amount by the rate of per kilowatt-hour (kWh) after which you will find the Real Bill amount.

So, after having all this Friendly and easy to read guide you will be able How to check Electricity Bill in Pakistan . You just have to Calculate your energy usage by using all above methods and then you will be able to get the final report. The power that you find in KWh are then multiply by the charges and you will get the actual Price.

Checking of Your Electricity Consumption:

Before start, it is very important to check the amount of energy or electricity that your domestic appliances consume on average daily basis. For Example, let’s say you have an Kitchen Microwave Oven that is operated for 4 hours each day, with a Power of 3,000 Watt. You can easily calculate its energy consumption as follows:

In respect To calculate the daily energy consumption of an microwave Oven , you have to multiply its wattage by the hours of usage.

For example, if a microwave oven has a wattage of 3,000 and it is used for 4 hours daily, so the daily consumption would be 12,000 watt-hours (Wh).

Monthly Consumption of Electricity:

You will also get the info about the monthly consumption of your Electricity, For this you must have to multiply the daily consumption by 30, which would be 450,000 Wh or 450 kilowatt-hours (kWh).
Then you have to convert watt-hours to kilowatt-hours. For this purpose You need to the division of watt-hour value by 1,000.


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Conclusion | How to Check Electricity Bill in Pakistan

If you are the resident of Pakistan and you want to get the info about How to Check Electricity Bill in Pakistan then here you will find the full and detail info about all this in easy to read and easy to understand form of Content. After all this you will be able to give the answer of How to Check Electricity Bill in Pakistan.

As we all know that Electricity bill costs are increasing day by day in Pakistan, but you have to control the usage of Electricity very easily by taking reading and estimating the daily usage of Energy. Here We have provided you the best ways to check and calculate your electricity bill in Pakistan. Visit the Site for more Info.


How to Calculate Electricity Bill in Pakistan

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