GEPCO Unit Price 2024

GEPCO Unit Price 2024 – Cost of one unit electricity in Gujranwala

GEPCO Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited, is such a huge and great company that was established to meet the electricity demands of former Area Electricity Board that is formed in the early 1980s. The districts of Gujranwala that are getting services of this company include, Sialkot, Hafizabad, Narowal, Gujrat, and Mandi Bahauddin. here we will discuss GEPCO Unit Price 2024.

GEPCO (Gujranwala Electric Power Company) was officially come in the market in April 25, 1998 and after its inauguration, the business certificate was received by the company on June 5, 1998. The management and administration of this electrical company is under control of Board of Directors (BOD). In the 1960s the Gov. of Pakistan had taken a great and crucial step & another major decision to make an independent Authority in order to manage all present water resources and the power systems across all over the country including generation of power, transmission, and distribution of power. Now have a look at GEPCO Unit Price 2024.

Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GEPCO) unit rates – Tariff June 2024

(New Tariff After four month budget 2024)

Here we give the info abotu the Gepco unit Rates for Residential Connection or Connection of Domestic Level.

Serial No. No. of Units Gepco unit Price 2024 (per KWH):

*** 0 to 50 Units (life line) Rs. 7.0

*** 51-100 units (Life Line) Rs. 11.67

*** 0- 100 units Rs. 15.75

*** 101-200 units Rs. 18.07

Gepco unit Rate for for Unprotected Consumers :

Serial No. No. of Units Gepco unit Price 2024(Rs. per KWH)

^^ 01-100 Units Rs. 22.15

^^ 101-200 Units Rs. 27.59

^^ 201-300 Units Rs. 30.78

^^ 301-400 Units Rs. 34.17

^^ 401-500 Units Rs. 35.38

^^ 501-600 Units Rs. 37.80

^^ 601-700 Units Rs. 38.94

Above 700 Units Rs. 43.85

GEPCO Unit Price 2024

Gepco unit price for peak and Off peak Hours:

The price of GEPCO unit price 2024 is different for Peak And Off Peak Hours which is Describe here briefly.

*** Time of Use (TOU) – Peak Rs. 42.93

*** Time of Use (TOU) – Off-Peak Rs. 36.61

*** Temporary Supply Rs. 43.05

I am sure that you must have a query about the terms I used like protected and unprotected consumers, So Do not worry abotu this . We define it clearly here.

*** Protected Consumers:

Protected Consumers are those users of electricity whose electricity consumption is Consistently about 200 From last Six Months. So for these consumers the price of unit is less than other un protected Consumers.

*** Un-protected Consumers:

All remaining consumers other than protected whose consumption of electricity is more than 200 are in the category of are Non-Protected Consumers. Un Protected consumers are those whose electricity consumption power in the last six months is more than 200 units in any month.

*** Lifeline Consumers:

Life line consumers are those whose consumption power of electricity in the last 12 months or in the current month is less than 100 units such these are in the category of Life Line Consumers. These consumers have facility for two different rates of Unit based on their consumption levels:

** one rate for consumption up to ~50 units
** other rate for consumption up to ~100 units.

These rate prices will continue to be applicable for them.

GEPCO Unit price for Commercial Connection:

^^ Unit Price For load requirement less than 5 kW Rs. 38.80

^^ Unit Price For load requirement exceeding 5 kW –

For Peak & Off Peak Time GEPCO Unit Price:

^^ Time of Use (TOU) – Peak Rs. 42.40
^^ Time of Use (TOU) – Off-Peak Rs. 36.43
^^ Temporary Supply Rs. 39.19
^^ Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rs. 40.48

GEPCO Unit price for General Service-A3 Industrial:

Peak/Off-peak Cost:

*** B1 Peak Rs. 35.32
*** B1 Off Peak Rs. 38.88

*** B2 Peak Rs. 33.32
*** B2 Off Peak Rs. 34.82

*** B3 Peak Rs. 38.82
*** B3 Off Peak Rs. 33.11

*** B4 Peak Rs. 38.82
*** B4 Off Peak Rs. 33.02

***Temporary Supply Peak 38.82
***Temporary Supply Off Peak 32.92


In this article, we will provide you the complete details about the GEPCO Unit Price 2024 unit cost and about how to calculate the cost of electricity including the financing cost charges, Fuel price adjustment (FPA), General Sales Tax (GST), Electricity Duty, TV license fee, and late payment charges. By the end of this article, you will better under stand the calculation of GEPCO Bill 2024 according to the cost of Unit Price. Visit the Site fro More Info…


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