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Gujranwala Electric Supply Company (GEPCO) is a big and Unique prominent energy distribution company in Pakistan, that is officially come in to the market in 1980s. It is committed to provide Quick, reliable and efficient electricity resource to its customers. As an organization, GEPCO is well recognized by its GEPCO ERP IT Infrastructure Management that is establish to provide smooth operations. It has implemented an ERP software project management system, that is made to facilitate the customers with new Modern Technologies.

Recent Report of GEPCO ERP IT Infrastructure Management:

A recent report on the existing GEPCO ERP IT Infrastructure Management in Gujranwala shows the valuable insights into the Field of IT assets such as printers, computers, network connections and scanners. This report basically represents the critical and important role of maintaining and updating these IT assets to ensure High Level performance.

The report Highlights the need to use GEPCO ERP IT Infrastructure Management, which provides a crucial platform to maintain proper Check and balance and manage IT assets in real-time, reducing problems and increasing overall efficiency.

Usage Of GEPCO ERP IT Infrastructure Management:

By using GEPCO ERP IT Infrastructure Management, employees have open and easy access to the latest technology, which enables them to carry out their duties with great efficiency and quick ease. The ERP project management system also provides a big and huge single platform to track IT asset usage and also enabling GEPCO to show all the areas that require improvement.

To learn more about the existing GEPCO ERP IT Infrastructure Management and its implementation you can download the “GEPCO ERP – EXISTING IT INFRASTRUCTURE – LOWER OFFICES” report from the official GEPCO website. This report will provides you detailed information about the current state of IT assets and helps you a lot to clarify all the are areas that require improvement.


All the general guidelines abotu the GEPCO ERP IT Infrastructure Management are given here in easy to read form of Content for the Easiness of Customers.

** Purpose
** Title and Commencement
** Regulatory framework
** Appointment of ERP Supervisory Committee & its Functions
** Definitions
** Returning of the Equipment
** Maintenance of the Equipment
** Replacement of the Equipment
** Equipment Safety and Security
** Scope – Issuance of the Equipment
** Review
** Appeals
** Contraventions

GEPCO ERP IT Infrastructure Management

Purpose of GEPCO ERP IT Infrastructure Management:

The Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited (“GEPCO”) has make in action all these General Guidelines for GEPCO ERP IT equipment for the implementation and effortless processing of GEPCO ERP Modules Systems.

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Regulatory Framework:

The regulatory framework of GEPCO ERP IT Infrastructure Management is to provide smooth and easy access for the users to all the ITR Assets and to improve the Level of efficiency of all the systems by using the modern Technology and modern Science Inventions.

Title and Commencement:

The title of this guideline shall be called as “GEPCO ERP IT Infrastructure Management”. OR GEPCO ERP IT Infrastructure.


In this Guideline, every thing is clearly defined from its abbreviation form.

GEPCO” means Gujranwala Electric Power Company, Limited, Gujranwala.

ERP Supervisory Committee” means ERP IT Supervisory Committee under Clause 5 of these Guidelines.


*** “Laptop Type-A” that means Laptop Core i7 .

*** “Laptop Type-B” that means Laptop Core i7 Lenovo ThinkPad L590.

“*** Accessories” that means Power Cable, Charger, Wireless Mouse, Carrying Bag and Table wire lock.

*** “Printer” which means Multifunctional Printers latest Pro (MFP M227fdw).

*** “Recovery” that means a Recovery imposed of this GEPCO ERP IT Infrastructure Management to recover all the data from all the devices.

ERP IT Supervisory Committee:

In order to make a proper implement of all these Guidelines, an ERP Supervisory Committee is established depending upon the following officers that have been notified with the approval of Chief Executive Officer GEPCO vide office order No. 1449/41881-922/ERP on the office date of 20-1- 2020.

Function of Supervisory Committee:

The main function of ERP Supervisory Committee shall include the * issuance,
inventory management,
configuration &
including both monetary and physical evaluation of all such areas where is the need of improvement to meet the demands of this modern World of Technology.


It is conclude from all above that the GEPCO ERP IT Infrastructure Management has been introduce by the GEPCO for the Maintenance of all IT assets and to make improvements and enhance the efficiency of all the system Work.


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