GEPCO Duplicate Bill 2024 [Free]

Electricity bills have become an important part of our regular monthly expenses and ensuring their accuracy is a difficult task to manage in household finances properly. However, there are also some possibilities that where your bill gets misplaced or lost sometimes and you need to pay late payment penalties and other difficulties.

So, for solving all these difficulties, we are going to provide you a free, fast, secure and accurate tool for checking and downloading your GEPCO Duplicate Bills once they are released so, that you can manage the bill payment effectively from your expenses and you can pay your bill easily and on time that’ll result mental satisfaction and late payment penalties.

Further, this blog aims to guide you on obtaining a GEPCO Duplicate Bill for free in 2024 that’ll ensure you’re managing your electricity payments efficiently.

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-جیسےہی آپ نمبر انٹر کریں گے، چند سیکنڈوں میں آپ کا بل آجائےکاجسے آپ باآسانی ڈاؤن لوڈ کر سکتے ہیں

GEPCO Bill Checker

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Introduction to GEPCO – GEPCO Duplicate Bill

The Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GEPCO) is a well-known electricity company in Pakistan that provides electricity to several regions in Punjab, Pakistan. There are several districts of Pakistan where GEPCO operates, these areas are Gujranwala, Narowal, Sialkot, Hafizabad, Gujrat, and Mandi. More than 4 million domestic consumers are registered under GEPCO company in these areas, and as of today more than 85k commercial consumers are registered in GEPCO division.

So, to manage their userbase transparently and effectively, the GEPCO offers its users to check their Duplicate bills online and download in PDF format as well fastly and securely, Duplicate GEPCO bill means, a copy of the original bill containing all necessary billing information such as consumption details, due date and amount payable.

Finally, Good News is – you can check your GEPCO Bill Online here at our site without any cost. You can enter your 14-Digits reference number in the input box and click on the “Check Bill” button below.

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What is GEPCO Duplicate Bill?

A GEPCO duplicate bill is an exact same copy of your original electricity bill provided by the Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GEPCO). It acts as a backup in case your original bill gets lost, misplaced, or damaged. You can easily check your duplicate GEPCO bill here.

This fast, easy and secure service guarantees you have all the essential details such as your billing information, current bill details usage history and more. Gepco duplicate bills are fully acknowledged and approved that ensure, you’re managing your electricity expenses efficiently .

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How to Obtain GEPCO Duplicate Bill for Free

There are several methods available for obtaining a GEPCO duplicate bill without paying any additional charges.

The first fast, easy and secure method is, you can use our tool to check your GEPCO Duplicate bill online. You can simply enter your 14 digit reference number and you can easily check and download your GEPCO Bill Online for free!

There are several other methods are also available that you can use to check your duplicate bills,


Consumers can also request a duplicate bill by sending a simple SMS from their registered mobile number to GEPCO. As you’ll send the SMS from your registered mobile number, you’ll get your current month bill details in the SMS.

Through Customer Service

Alternatively, consumers can contact GEPCO’s customer service for assistance in obtaining a duplicate bill. You can simply call the GEPCO representatives through phone, e-mail or by doing to the nearest GEPCO physical office and you can get a copy of your GEPCO Bill.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Getting GEPCO Duplicate Bill Online

The process is quite simple and easily. There are steps mentioned below,

Get your Reference Number: Simply check your 14-digit reference number from any copy of your bill. It’s normally located in the top left corner under the consumer ID.

Enter Required Details: Provide the necessary information, such as consumer number or reference number in the reference number box above.

Download or Print the Bill: Once the details are entered, you can download or print the duplicate bill for your records.

Benefits of Accessing GEPCO Duplicate Bill Online


Accessing the duplicate GEPCO bill online provides convenience as consumers can obtain it from the comfort of their homes or offices within few clicks.


Another benefit is, there is not time waste in this process. Online access saves time compared to visiting physical locations or waiting for bills to arrive via mail.


Reducing the need for paper bills by accessing them online contributes to environmental conservation efforts as well.

Common Issues with GEPCO Duplicate Bill

Delay in Receiving the Bill

Sometimes, there might be delays in receiving the duplicate bill causing inconvenience to consumers. This can be due to overload on the server or due to any human error as well. Like, you have entered an incorrect reference number.

Inaccurate Information

Occasionally duplicate bills may contain errors that need to be addressed promptly. Otherwise you can may face a delay and you can also get an error when you will click the check bill button.

Tips for Resolving Issues with GEPCO Duplicate Bill

Checking Billing Details Thoroughly

It’s essential to review the duplicate bill carefully and verify all billing details to ensure accuracy. In most of the cases, when you re-enter your correct reference number properly then you get your bill easily.

Contacting Customer Support

In case of any issues after even re-entering your reference number consumers are advised to reach out to GEPCO’s customer support for assistance. You can find all GEPCO Helpline details on our GEPCO helpline page.

Final Advice:

Accessing a GEPCO Duplicate Bill for free in 2024 is a simple and convenient process that helps consumers to do billing accurately and helps resolve any discrepancies. By utilizing our duplicate bill download tool, SMS services or contacting customer support, GEPCO consumers can easily obtain duplicate bills that’ll help them to save their precious time and ensure peace of mind regarding their electricity payments.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I request a GEPCO duplicate bill for multiple months?

Yes, definitely! GEPCO consumers can request duplicate bills for multiple months if needed.

Is there any fee for obtaining a GEPCO duplicate bill?

No, it’s completely free! GEPCO consumers can download their duplicate bills for free by using our tool.

What should I do if I notice errors in my duplicate bill?

Contact GEPCO’s customer service to report any discrepancies or errors in the bill.

How long does it take to receive a GEPCO duplicate bill via SMS?

Typically, consumers receive the duplicate bill via SMS within a few minutes of sending the request message.

Can I access my duplicate bill from a mobile app?

Currently, GEPCO does not offer a mobile app for accessing duplicate bills. However, online access is available.